Size Guide

If you are unsure which size lampshade or base to choose, we're here to help, just follow the steps below. Once you’ve chosen; simply add to bag, wait for the shipment to arrive, and embrace your maverick style.

Step 1

Choosing your lampshade

Pick a home for your lampshade (bedside table, living room, hall..) and get a sense of the space you have to work with.

Choose a shade that works with your vibe; we’ve got 6 colours, 5 sizes, 4 styles & 2 shapes to choose from.

Lampshade sizes: Our lampshades range from 20cm up to 40cm (base width). Check out the size options available under each of our products and click on ‘dimensions’ in the product descriptions for more information on sizing.

Lampshade fitting: Our lampshades come with a gimbal shade fitting on the inside. This means the shade can be fitted on most UK and European wired lamp bases.

NOTE: We include a plastic ES ‘reducer ring’ on the inside of the gimbal. This can be easily removed by pushing together and down. This is so that the lampshade can fit on both a B22 bulb top fitting (keep plastic ring on) and a E27 fitting (push plastic ring out).

Step 2

Choosing your lamp base

Pick a base that works with your shade; we’ve got 5 colours, 2 x sixes, 3 styles & 2 shapes to choose from.

Lamp base sizes: Our lamp bases come in 2 x sizes; 35cm (small) and 45cm (tall). The lamp base height should generally match the lampshade base width. But, as with all decorating, there’s no hard and fast rules, for example our slim tall lamp bases (bobbin and bamboo range) can look really elegant with a smaller shade too.

Tip: Look out for what we recommend under each of our product descriptions.

NOTE: Our bamboo and bobbin bases come with a B22 bulb top fitting and our ceramic bases come with a E27 bulb top fitting

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